We are able to offer many in house specialist processes as detailed below, along with complimentary processes carried out by approved suppliers such as stainless steel passivation, plating, heat treatment and anodising. All of our machining processes are carried out daily in any material from brass to exotic materials such as 174Ph stainless, Titanium and Inconel.

  • Multi axis turning and milling from 2mm dia to 250mm dia
  • Deep hole gun drilling
  • Gear hobbing
  • Polygon turning
  • Thread whirling
  • Extensive experience with machining gravity die castings
  • 3d mould making
  • In cycle Renishaw probing giving 100% inspection to +/-0.004mm on key features.
  • Vibratory finishing and polishing
  • Heat treatment
  • Plating and anodising
  • Aluminium forging up to 1500t friction screw presses